This is OCI's internal ACE/TAO virtual scoreboard. It shows the DOC Group OS/platform combinations tested at OCI.

All of the builds listed here are also reflected on the DOC scoreboard at

Any builds from the DOC codebase that are not posted to the DOC scoreboard at Vanderbilt should be listed on our experimental scoreboard instead of here.

DOC Build Scoreboard

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Build NameLast FinishedRevConfigSetupCompileTestsFailuresStatus
doc_ace6tao2_firefly_android_clang_d1o0 04/29 01:24 pm f3832da1 [Config] [Full] [Full] [Brief] 0 Inactive


Build NameLast FinishedRevConfigSetupCompileTestsFailuresStatus
doc_ace6tao2_ant_linux-rpi_gcc_d0o1 04/29 04:55 pm f3832da1 [Config] [Full] [Full]  0 Inactive
doc_ace6tao2_ant_linux-sb_gcc_d0o1 04/29 08:29 am f3832da1 [Config] [Full] [Full] [Brief][Full] [Brief]1 Inactive
doc_ace6tao2_ant_linux-se_gcc_d0o1 04/29 01:19 pm f3832da1 [Config] [Full] [Full] [Full] 0 Inactive
doc_ace6tao2_mosquito_linux_gcc_d0o1i0c1 04/29 10:29 am f3832da1 [Config] [Full] [Full] [Brief][Full] [Brief]13 Inactive
doc_ace6tao2_tick_linux_gcc_d0o1 04/29 02:23 pm f3832da1 [Config] [Full] [Full] [Brief][Full] [Brief]19 Inactive
doc_ace6tao2_tick_linux_gcc_d0o1_inst 04/29 03:40 pm f3832da1 [Config] [Full] [Full] [Brief] 0 Inactive
doc_ace6tao2_tick_linux_gcc_d0o1b32 04/29 05:36 pm f3832da1 [Config] [Full] [Full] [Brief][Full] [Brief]3 Inactive
doc_ace6tao2_tick_linux_gcc_d0o1b32_inst 04/29 06:50 pm f3832da1 [Config] [Full] [Full] [Brief] 0 Inactive
doc_ace6tao2_tick_linux_gcc_d1o0 04/30 12:06 am f3832da1 [Config] [Full] [Full] [Brief][Full] [Brief]15 Inactive
doc_ace6tao2_tick_linux_gcc_d1o0_inst 04/30 01:19 am f3832da1 [Config] [Full] [Full] [Brief] 0 Inactive
doc_ace6tao2_wiro_linux_clang_d1o0 04/30 02:30 am f3832da1 [Config] [Full] [Full] [Brief][Full] [Brief]29 Inactive
doc_ace6tao2_wiro_linux_gcc-12_d1o0 04/29 08:49 pm f3832da1 [Config] [Full] [Full] [Brief][Full] [Brief]31 Inactive


Build NameLast FinishedRevConfigSetupCompileTestsFailuresStatus
doc_ace6tao2_cricket_win2012r2-x64_vc10_d1o0 04/29 09:11 am f3832da1 [Config] [Full] [Full] [Brief][Full] [Brief]32 Inactive
doc_ace6tao2_hornet_win7-x64_vc14_i1d0o1w1 04/29 10:18 am f3832da1 [Config] [Full] [Full] [Brief][Full] [Brief]44 Inactive
doc_ace6tao2_katydid_win10-x64_vs2019_d1o0 04/29 11:29 am f3832da1 [Config] [Full] [Full] [Brief][Full] [Brief]20 Inactive

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