Failed Test Brief Log By Build


tests/DCPS/Thrasher/ medium rtps

[Details] ERROR: Thrasher timedout
[Details] 2024-04-12 20:14:31: ERROR: Thrasher timedout
[Details] test FAILED.
[Details] ERROR: "tests/DCPS/Thrasher/ medium rtps" returned with status 1



[Details] ERROR: Publisher/publisher timedout
[Details] #10 0x00007f193a563663 in FACE::TS::Destroy_Connection (connection_id=<optimized out>, return_code=return_code@entry=@0x7ffec3a980f4: FACE::RC_NO_ERROR) at /home/build/jenkins/workspace/fc_opendds_versioned/BUILD/DOC_ROOT/DDS/dds/FACE/FaceTSS.cpp:306
[Details] 2024-04-12 23:18:30: ERROR: Publisher timedout
[Details] test FAILED.
[Details] ERROR: "tests/FACE/Header/" returned with status 1


tests/transport/simple/ shmem

[Details] ERROR: simple_subscriber timedout
[Details] *** ERROR: Subscriber timed out - No such file or directory at line 115.
[Details] ERROR: <simple_publisher> still running upon object destruction
[Details] ERROR: "tests/transport/simple/ shmem" returned with status 9