List of the build machines at OCI
(Internal use only)

NOTE:   This table can be updated by editing Build_Farm.lst in the "nightly" git repository. When the Jenkins "scoreboards" job runs, the HTML version will be updated.

In St. Louis (last updated 25 September 2018)
Machine Name OS Chip Compiler Flags
ant Linux RHEL 7.3 x86_64 gcc 4.9.3 lSatv
bedbug Windows 7 x86_64 VC9, VC11 S6v
bee Windows 7 x86_64 VC12 S6v
beetle SNAPSERVER - -
cricket Windows 2012r2 x86_64 VC10 St6v
earwig Linux RHEL 6.9 x86_64 gcc 4.4.7 lSat6v
firefly Linux SUSE 42.1 x86_64 gcc 4.8.5 lSatv
flea Linux RHEL 6.8 x86_64 gcc 4.4.7 lSat6v
hornet Windows 7 x86_64 VC14 S6v
katydid Windows 10 x86_64 VS2019 tv
maggot macOS 10.13 x86_64 Apple LLVM version 9.0.0
mantis Linux CentOS 7.2 x86_64 gcc 4.8.5,7.2 lSat6v
mealworm Linux RHEL 6.6 x86_64 gcc 4.4.7 lSat6v
mite Linux RHEL 6.9 x86_64 gcc 4.4.7 lSat6v
mosquito Linux Debian 9.4 x86 gcc 6.3 lSat6v
navair CentOS 6.6 x86_64 gcc 4.4.7 lat6v
spider Linux RHEL 7.4 x86_64 gcc 4.8.5 lSat6v
tardigrade Linux RHEL 7.4 x86_64 gcc 4.8.5 lat6v
tick Linux Fedora 24 x86_64 gcc 6.2.1 lSat6v
wasp Windows 10 x86_64 VS2017 tv
weevil Windows 2003 Server x86 VC7.1 lstv
wiro Linux Ubuntu 18.04 x86_64 gcc 7.3,8.3 clang 8 lSatv

~     Machine not available
l     logins authenticated through LDAP
s     Subversion client without OpenSSL (DOC anonymous checkout only)
S     Subversion client with OpenSSL (DOC authenticated checkin allowed)
a     automounts/mounts fully functional
t     Network Time Protocol running
6     IPV6 running
v     Running as a VM
    Chip notes:
    Use consistent names across OS families: 64-bit x86 (not itanium) is sometimes known as x86_64 or x64 or amd64 or opteron, but on this chart it's always x86_64.
    If 64-bit hardware is running a 32-bit OS, show the 32-bit name in the Chip column (x86).
    Intel has renamed the itanium family chips. What used to be known as "itanium 2" is now just itanium. The older generation (pre-2002) is designated "itanium1" on this chart.

In St. Louis, but not in build farm
Machine Name OS Chip Compiler Flags
mole Solaris 7 sparc Cross-compiler Lynx 3.1.0a, gcc 2.9 GNU-Pro olat
roach HPUX 11iv2 itanium aCC 6.10 o
willie Win2000 x86 Cross-compiler for VxWorks 2
PPC xlC 5.0
xlC 6.0, gcc
xlC 7.0,8.0
bee-archived Windows XP x86 VC6, VC7.1, Cross-compiler WinCE olst6v
hornet-archived Windows XP x86 VC6, VC7.1, VC8, Cross-compiler WinCE lst6v
mite OpenSolaris (snv_111) x86_64 CC 5.9 olSatv
otto Solaris 8 sparc9 CC 5.0-5.8, gcc 3.2.1 o~lat

l     license for the OS expired
o     off, not powered on
2     also used as a serial terminal

In Phoenix
Machine Name OS Chip Compiler Start Time (MST)
chico Windows XP x86 VC7.1 6 PM
hongkong Fedora Core 3 x86_64 gcc 3.4.4 9:35 PM
marseille RedHat 7.2 x86 gcc 4.1.1 6 PM
rome RedHat 9 x86 gcc 3.2.2 8:35 PM
paris CentOS 5.3 x86 gcc 4.1.2, Valgrind 11:15 PM
sydney Solaris 9 x86 gcc 3.3.2 7:15 PM

Other machines
Machine Name OS Chip Compiler Flags IRIX64 6.5 mips MIPSpro 7.4.4 ~

~     Machine not available